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Swap Shop success!

January’s Swap Shop set off to a great start when we opened the doors to find a queue of people waiting to come in - obviously, the word had spread! A steady stream of people kept coming all day, bringing all sorts of useful and unusual items. Somebody even donated a set of golf clubs! Volunteers were kept busy sorting out and hanging up clothes, and it was great to see people enjoying browsing and choosing items.

With so many fantastic, good quality items being donated, there really was something for everyone. Even the hardworking volunteers got to do a bit of ‘shopping! It was great to be part of a project that has been embraced so wholeheartedly by the local community. When the cost of living is rising so sharply it makes a welcome change to be able to get things you both need and like, for free (or a donation if you like). Malvern Green Space aims for zero waste at its Swap Shop events and all items left at the end were given to local homeless charities or charity shops or saved for future events.

The drop off point and information table, which we have at all events, enables people to find out more about environmental issues such as ‘Fast Fashion’, find out about our other upcoming events and join our mailing list to get regular updates about Malvern Green Space. This time we counted over 100 people visiting the event – we’ll do it again in the Spring!

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