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Green Leaves

Registered charity number 1199046

Our Vision

An Eco-Community Centre

We, Malvern Green Space, aim to establish and run an eco-community centre because communities can collectively solve their problems and improve their lives when given the opportunity to do so. At this critical time what is needed are the spaces, infrastructure and support to help people connect and gather resources to take action for a sustainable future.


Active Community Participation

The challenges of our times require active participation on a level we have not yet been able to achieve and our CEC – Malvern Green Space, a space where abundance in all forms can be shared, aims to address this.

A Focal Point of Change

Malvern Green Space (CEC) will be a “focal point”: a centre of community cohesion, enabling and encouraging participatory, deliberative democracy; education and training; arts and culture; cooperation and skill-sharing.


Championing diversity and inclusivity

We aim to actively encourage the participation of all members of our community to create an inclusive space, sensitive to the diverse and evolving needs and priorities of our population and to enable all generations to collaborate and share wisdom.

Building Homes

Space for Collaboration

We will be physical space in which activists, experts and residents can work alongside one another to improve community resilience; supporting local mitigation and adaptation to the climate emergency. Malvern Green Space will be a place to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits, welcoming and accessible to all.


Planning for the Future

Malvern Green Space will provide a permanent, physical space where all members of our community feel safe so we can work together to start to plan for our future. In the face of the climate and ecological emergency, it is more vital than ever that we are able to function as a collective for the common good, for our mutual well-being.

Part of a Growing Network

Malvern Green Space will be part of a growing network of centres across the country and will benefit from their support and collaboration. The aim is for the centre to be self -funding and draw on support from Malvern District Council who have declared a climate emergency and must now takeaction.

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