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Meet the Team

The Faces of Our Organization


Hi, I’m Nadia. I’m a single parent and am relatively new to Malvern. I’ve spent most of the
the last two decades in southern and west Africa, Asia and the Caribbean working in
education, travel and the voluntary sector. Nowadays, I’m a student of Forest Gardening
and Permaculture and a volunteer for Malvern Welcomes.

I’m passionate about the Malvern Green Space project because it offers our community the
opportunity to come together and decide cooperatively on a new, sustainable, low-impact
vision for the future.

I believe that the climate and ecological crisis we are facing demands that we work together,
that we learn to cooperate and share the abundance our community offers.

When we prioritise social wellbeing over economic success, we can live happier, healthier
and more sustainable lives. It is, after all, the simple pleasures that truly sustain us.

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Alison Winters

I am a great believer in ‘people power’ and everyone contributing to try and make a difference. I have always tried to do things in the most sustainable way I can whether it’s something big like installing solar panels or something small like composting food waste or buying clothes from charity shops. During the first Lockdown I dug up part of my garden to create a vegetable patch and now enjoy being able to cook and eat what I’ve grown.

Malvern Green Space is an exciting new venture led by a friendly, welcoming group of people who are all passionate about tackling climate change, but with community at the heart. I would recommend to anyone to find out more – I’m glad I did!

Green Leaves

Registered charity number 1199046

Rosie Dakin

Hi my name is Rosie, I am a mum to 2 boys and I work in the Early Years. I am a qualified forest school leader and love to share this with children and instill the importance of loving and caring for our natural world. I am a part of extinction rebellion and joined as I was concerned for the effects of climate change and what this means for our future and the future of our children. I got involved in Malvern Green Space as I think community is key to supporting each other in these uncertain times and this is a great way to bring people together to share and enjoy experiences whilst informing and addressing the ecological and climate changes. I hope to use my childcare background for Malvern Green Space and bring children and families together through this fantastic project!

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My name is Leo, I'm a non-binary 19 year old autistic climate activist.

I've been in Extinction Rebellion for 2 and a half years because I'm extremely concerned about the climate emergency. 

I got involved in helping set up The Malvern Green Space because I think having a base for everyone to come together and build communities during a time of crisis is extremely important, and the more people who are informed about everything the government is not doing about the climate emergency, the more pressure we can put on them to actually act and save our futures and lots of people's current lives. 

Emma Mary Gathergood

I am in my seventies and have been an activist for 50 years. As a retired mental health therapist l am only too aware how our alienation from the Earth, each other and our own inner nature has contributed to a sense of loneliness and not belonging. As we start to recognise the mess we have got ourselves into over the last two hundred years, we are beginning to wake up to fact that deepening our relationship with Mother Earth and each other, can improve life for all of us. By supporting folks in our local community, sharing our skills, growing and sharing food communally and providing a space and a listening ear for folks to share how they are feeling could improve life for old and young. This is what we aim to achieve over the next few years. Please support us any way you can.

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Iszi Jones

I have worked in homelessness and housing for over 20 years, currently employed as a Trainer for a national charity. Mother of two grown up children, I now divide all that lovely spare time between activism with Extinction Rebellion and practical conservation with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. I was drawn to the Green Space project as a way of embedding my love for the planet within our community.

Sarah Bevan

I'm Sarah Bevan. I'm a retired social worker with 4 adult children. I have been a long time member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth so I've been aware of the climate and ecological crisis for many years. I have been a member of Extinction Rebellion for 2 years. We need to get the government to listen to our concerns before it's too late.


It is so important that we come together as community to work to alleviate the stresses and challenges that climate change will bring. I've become a member of Malvern Green Space to help build the community we will need to alleviate the worst aspects of the coming climate crisis.

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People outside Malvern often think of us as a wealthy town, but in reality there are many people here already struggling for work, food and housing. I’m very concerned about the effects of climate breakdown, such as more extreme weather (flooding, heatwaves etc.) which will affect our food supplies and cause worldwide problems. People with least money and power will be affected worst. I’ve lived here for over 20 years, and spent the last 30 years working to support people, e.g. when having mental health and/or family and relationship problems, disabilities or health needs; and I’m very conscious that we aren’t isolated individuals – the outside world and society we live in has a huge impact on our wellbeing. This is why I’m excited to be part of a community project where we can all support each other through whatever the future brings.


Hello! I’m Siani and I’ve been living in Malvern since 2017, although my family have been living here much longer. On the work side I’m pressing for more ethics and accountability in computing, but I’m also concerned about the climate emergency and the implications for us and future generations. I think that the Malvern Green Space is an excellent idea, definitely worth supporting.  On the one hand it will help share ideas about what we can all do to help the planet. On the other hand it will also provide a community focus with benefits for all: a beacon for what we can achieve together, locally, post-covid.

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Sue Dakin

My name is Sue Dakin. All my six children are grown up now, some with children of their own. We all live in Malvern and help each other out! Family is very important to me

I have been involved with XR for a few years having felt increasingly concerned about future generations and the greed and consumerism of our precious planet.

I am a retired RGN, having specialised in dementia care and a child care practitioner.

I write poetry, having just self published my first book!!  I am a Malvern Well dresser.

Recently we dressed the Temperance well in Malvern for XR. I enjoy playing and listening to folk music, gardening and generally make do and mend. I am currently setting up an upcycled  children’s clothes business.

I strongly feel that the Malvern Green Space project will bring much needed support and sharing in our local community. I am looking forward to being part of it all.

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