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Monday mornings, we'll be there!

A regular, pop-up space at last, in Lyttleton Rooms, Great Malvern

We are very excited to announce that from February we will be holding a weekly pop-up space in central Malvern. It will be a safe, inclusive community space to share skills, give support and get creative.

We have been eagerly anticipating having a regular space, as a home for our "stuff" (clothes, information, and more to come...) and for anyone to drop in when they feel like it, for a chat, to pick up things they need, to share with us. This is our first opportunity to be present in Malvern on a regular basis and we're really looking forward to being in such a busy part of town, and saying hello to many new faces as well as old friends!

We will have all our usual activities there (used clothes to share, surplus food, information and advice about the climate and nature emergencies, seeds and growing advice, etc) plus a programme of events to be announced.

Pop in for a drink and a chat, everyone is welcome. NO CHARGE!

Hope to see you there!

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