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Malvern Festival of Ideas

Fast fashion - what's wrong with it?

We spent two days in early March at the Festival of Ideas, at Malvern St James, with our information stall. Our theme for the weekend was exploring the environmental and economic impact the fast-growing world of fast fashion is having on our precious planet.

We showcased our Sustainable Fashion Show; information about natural nettle fibres; the impact of "shop-shop-shopping" and our concerns about the employment conditions of textile factory workers around the globe who are exploited.

We had many interesting conversations with people attending and with fellow stall holders.

On Sunday we presented our talk on the potted history of fast fashion and how to stop the madness; we talked about the wonders of natural fibres - and we had a challenging sustainability quiz!

March 4th and 5th 2023

Many thanks to Andrew Webb for inviting us along.

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