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2022 was a very busy year...

HUGE THANKS to everyone who supported us during 2022. It's amazing to see here how much Malvern Green Space team have achieved:-

• We produced 17 Community Lunches – top quality, 3-course vegan meals from food that would otherwise have been wasted.

• We held 7 Seed/Plant/Produce swaps - bringing Malvern’s gardening community together, sharing our harvests and avoiding the need to buy commercially-produced seeds & plants.

• We participated in Malvern Festival of Ideas (March) and the Cube Shuffle (September).

• We had stalls at Mappfest (June) and at Malvern Pride (July).

• We held Swap Shops in January and April and the hugely successful (and fun) Sustainable Fashion Show in November, demonstrating how to look good without the need to buy new clothes.

• We won a silver award for our Well-Dressing in May.

• In June we were awarded charitable status.

• In July we held our Visioning Event and Social Evening, gaining wonderful ideas for future projects.

• We joined in with Malvern Extinction Rebellion in the ‘Creating Hope for Nature’ evening with some fantastic poetry, arts and craft work.

• We used our Community Lunch skills to provide an extra special Feast for the Cube Feast theatre festival in September.

• We obtained funding for our Community Lunches from National Lottery and Worcestershire County Council, and were selected for the Tesco Community Grants Fund and the Co-operative Community Fund.

• We ended the year with an amazing Festive Feast and Winter Fayre, feeding over 80 people and seeing them leave with gifts, wreath-making skills, and hopefully a warm feeling of community.

In 2023, we will carry on spreading the message (and experience) that sharing resources, and supporting each other, can help us face the climate and societal crises together. It also saves money and feels good!

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