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Bringing Permaculture to Malvern

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

We are the Blackberry Permaculture Network, we are an informal not for profit network based in various locations around the UK exploring aspects of permaculture including

ways of gardening and creating sustainable, inclusive, happy communities. It was our

pleasure to recently attend the Veg swap event organised by Malvern Green Space with

whom we will be working closely with in the future. It was wonderful to chat with many

local people about the issues close to our hearts and how we are hoping to develop our

work in the Malvern community, in accordance with the interests of local people who

would like to get involved. It was also wonderful to discover on chatting to people that

many of you also share our passions about community and the environment.

So I guess the burning question is 'What is Permaculture?'

"Permaculture is a method of planet management that tries to emulate the natural ecosystems of the planet, to work with nature rather than seeing her as an enemy that must be subdued". - Ken Fern, Plants for a future

Permaculture (from permanent agriculture and permanent culture) is a successful

approach to designing sustainable environments that have the diversity, stability and

resilience of natural ecosystems while also providing for the needs of the people who

use them. It is based on the philosophy of cooperating with nature and caring for the

earth and its people. Holding the ethics of Earth care, people care and fair shares.

In brief, because every place on earth is different in local climate, landform, soils and

the combination of species that will thrive there, this globalized village needs localised

solutions. Not only does the land and its potential vary from place to place, but so too do

the local people's needs, preferences and capabilities. Every place and community then,

requires its own particular design. The all important thing in permaculture is the design.

Design tools and processes allow an individual or group to assemble conceptual,

material and strategic components into a pattern or plan of action that can be

implemented and maintained with minimal resources and toil.

As a group we will be attending more events with Malvern Green Space because our

aims are closely aligned, the objectives we are currently focusing on are:

Holding workshops, skill sharing and networking events.

Networking with other groups who hold similar interests.

The development of local seedbanks to be used as a future resource and address such

issues as seed/food sovereignty and health, we also hold plant swaps.

To help with the creation of local social enterprise including our own and provide

support and advice, which will in turn help to create a strong, sustainable truly green

local economy.

The creation and development of a Permaculture open source database both physically

and online for people to access and also contribute to.

To help and promote permaculture/sustainability research. Including the exploration of

alternative, reliable and locally produced food. For example alternatives to Wheat,

Maize, Rice and Soy. How growing methods can be improved and growing seasons can

be extended, including the study of alternative native resources eg, Nettles (for food,

medicine and fibre).

We are currently working on establishing local community Herbal projects, studying our

native plants for health and healing, sharing the knowledge and skills to be able to make

food and basic body care products from the bounty around us.

We are available for talks and events, we can also provide workshops on various

subjects and we also take on some practical gardening work giving gardening and

design advice in accordance with Permaculture ethic and principles.

Thank you Malvern Green Space for inviting us. If you didn't make it to this event, we

hope to meet you at another event very soon!

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